Tuesday, October 03, 2006

#23 Thoughts on Learning 2.0

By the far, the thing I've enjoyed the most is creating and keeping a blog. Library Thing is another favorite, and I especially like seeing the random titles come up in my widget. I am very glad to have a NetLibrary account and am looking forward to using it. It's been wonderful to learn how to post pictures to flickr and then to our MPK blog. I have to admit that just about everything I learned was unexpected, because I realize now how unaware I was about the sites we explored and the services they offer. I did start to experience some Learning 2.0 overload toward the end. I found myself doing the discovery excercises, but skipping the optional ones. I'm thinking I may go back and try some of those, such as creating my own podcast. Perhaps a longer period of time to complete the tasks would have helped relieve some of the fatigue. I will definately participate in future learning programs, and this time I will not be skeptical about jumping in! Thank you, Helene!